Vexera is a discord music bot with moderation,
memes and other things.
Used and trusted by over 57,839 discord servers.

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High Quality Music

High quality music comes standard with Vexera, allowing smooth playback from multiple sources.


Mute, Voice kick, Softban and Manage roles with our easy to use commands. Manage who can use which commands with our advanced permissions system.


Generate memes, modify images and use other miscellaneous things with our quick image commands.


Warning: This list may be out of date, for an updated (and better looking) list: see +help.


+play - Plays a song.

+play Whatever you write here will search youtube

A range of sites are supported.

+autoplay - Sets a song or playlist or livestream to play while the queue is empty.

+autoplay - Plays monstercat while the queue is empty.
+autoplay disable - Disables autoplay

+back - Goes to the last song played.
+clear - Clears the queue.
+dump [type=current] - Creates a URL with information about the music queue, which can be loaded with +play. Use +dump all to dump the whole queue.
+join - Joins a voice channel.
+jump - Jumps to a specific place in the queue.
+leave - Leaves the voice channel.
+lyrics - Gets lyrics for a song / the song currently playing
+np - Shows whats currently playing.
+pause - Pauses the music.
+queue [page] - Shows the current song queue.
+repeat - Repeats a song.

+repeat off - Disable repeating.
+repeat one - Repeat the current song.
+repeat all - Repeat the whole queue.

+resume - Resumes the music.
+search - Allows you to choose a song to play with a fancy selection menu.
+shuffle - Shuffles the queue.
+skip [amount=1] - Voteskips a song. Users with the `music.forceskip` permission can instantly skip.
+volume [volume] - Sets the volume of the music playing.


+accessrole - Sets a role that people have to have to use the bot. Use `+accessrole disable` to disable
+channeltoggle - Disables commands in a channel.
+farewell [text] - Sets a message for when a user leaves the server.

+farewell #general %username% left %server%... bye bye %username%... - Sends luke left <your server>... bye bye luke.. to #general when luke leaves your server.
+farewell - Disables the farewell

+greeting [text] - Sets a welcome message for the server.

+greeting #general Welcome %mention% to %server%! - Sends Welcome @luke to <your server name>! to #general when luke joins your server.
+greeting dm Welcome %username%! - Welcomes a user to your server in direct messages.
+greeting disable - Disables the greeting.

+locale - Sets a locale. See `+locale list` for a list of locales.
+log - Sets a log channel for joins and leaves.
+prefix - Sets the command prefix.

+prefix ! - Sets the prefix to !
+prefix disable - Disables the custom command prefix.

+userlocale - Sets the locale for the user. See `+userlocale list` for a list of locales.


+perms [people] [permNode] - Assigns permissions to a role.

+perms add everyone music.* - Give everyone music permissions
+perms deny Moderators - Dont allow the Moderators role to use the cat command
+perms deny luke misc.doge - Dont allow the user luke to use the doge command
+perms list Moderators - List the permissions for the Moderators role
+perms remove everyone music.* - Remove the music permissions from everyone
+perms clear Moderators - Clear the permissions for the Moderators role

For a list of permissions, see +perms nodes


+ban [days] [reason] - Bans a member
+clean [amount=10] [user] - Cleans messages from a channel.

+clean - Cleans 10 messages
+clean 100 - Cleans 100 messages
+clean 100 luke - Cleans 100 messages from the user luke

+kick [reason] - Kicks a user.
+mute [reason] - Mutes a user.
+role [reason] - Manage Roles

+role add Moderators Admins - Add the Admins role to everyone with the Moderators role
+role add luke Admins - Add the user luke to the role Admins
+role remove everyone Moderators - Remove the Moderators role from everyone

+softban [reason] - Softbans a user (cleans all messages from a user)
+vckick [reason] - Kicks a member from a voice channel


+autorole [type] [role] - Assigns roles.

+autorole add join Humans - Gives the role Humans to users on join.
+autorole add get Announcements - Users can now do +getrole Announcements to get that role.
+autorole add bot Bots - Bots will get this role when they join.
+autorole remove join Humans - Remove the autorole for Humans.
+autorole list - List all autoroles.

Ensure the role for me is above the role you want me to give, otherwise I wont have permission.

+getrole - Gets a role with the `get` condition from +autorole


+clusterinfo - Shows info about all clusters
+health - Shows health of the bots shards
+help [command] - Shows this command
+invite - Gets the URL to invite the bot.
+nodeinfo - Shows information about the voice nodes.
+ping [type=ws] - Pong!
+stats [type=all] - Shows stats about the bot


+drake - Makes a drake meme.


+gmagik - +magik but it's with gifs.
+handicapped - Sir! This spot is for the handicapped only!

+handicapped Arrays start at 1

+magik - The best command on the planet.

+magik @someone

+mistake - For big mistakes.


+needsmorejpeg - Makes an image look worse.
+whodidthis - WHO DID THIS? :joy: :joy: :joy:.



+8ball - Cannot predict now
+ascii - Converts text into ASCII. A list of fonts can be found at

+ascii ghost beep - Shows beep in the ghost font

+botlist [page=1] - Shows the carbonitex botlist.
+cat - Shows a cute cat!
+chucknorris - Responds with a chuck norris joke.
+dog - Shows a cute dog!
+doge - Shows a cute doge!
+donators [message] - Shows the top 10 donators with a personalised message set by the donator. Donators can set their message using `+donators `
+emotify - Turns some text into an emoji
+illegal - Make something illegal!
+invited [member] - Shows how many users someone has invited to a server.
+serverinfo - Shows info about a server
+userinfo [user] - Shows info about a user.
+wolfram - Makes a wolfram query.
+xkcd [comic] - Gets an XKCD Comic
+yomamma - Responds with yo mamma jokes, they will probably be insulting!