Discontinuing Music

Hello all,

On the 4th of July we have received a notice from YouTube demanding we cease activity of streaming audio from YouTube as part of our music feature - YouTube is integral to the music feature and we cannot continue without it.

Vexera's Music feature will be disabled permanently at 10th July 00:00 UTC. This also applies to Vexera Premium and Vexera Pro.

Vexera has been operating since 2016 and has reached over 3 million Discord servers, and we are saddened to lose the main feature of our bot. If you are looking for other music bots, check out a variety of other Discord Music Bots here.

Discover more discord bots here:

It's not the end of Vexera however! We are working on new features, and we hope to introduce them in the coming weeks.
You can keep updated about Vexera in our official discord server and our official twitter account.

I'm a Premium/Pro subscriber, what do I do?

Please cancel your subscription at our Patreon page - https://www.patreon.com/vexera, you will retain access to all features until the 10th July.
If you need help to cancel, please check out: How do I cancel? - Patreon Help Center.

Thank you all for an amazing 7 years,
Team Vexera