+autoplay <query>

Sets a song or playlist or livestream to play while the queue is empty.


Goes to the last song played.


Clears the queue.

+delete <song>

Deletes a song from the queue.

+dump [type=current]

Creates a URL with information about the music queue, which can be loaded with +play. Use +dump all to dump the whole queue.

+join [region]

Joins a voice channel.

+jump <amount>

Jumps to a specific place in the queue.


Leaves the voice channel.

+lyrics <query>

Gets lyrics for a song / the song currently playing


Shows whats currently playing.


Pauses the music.

+play <song>

Plays a song. A range of sites are supported.

+queue [page]

Shows the current song queue.

+repeat <type>

Repeats a song.


Resumes the music.

+search <song>

Allows you to choose a song to play with a fancy selection menu.

+seek <position>

Seeks to a position in a song.


Shuffles the queue.

+skip [amount=1]

Voteskips a song. Users with the `music.forceskip` permission can instantly skip.

+volume [volume]

Sets the volume of the music playing.



Shows info about all clusters

+donators [message]

Shows the top 10 donators with a personalised message set by the donator. Donators can set their message using `+donators <message>`


Shows health of the bots shards

+help [command]

Shows this command


Gets the URL to invite the bot.


Shows information about the voice nodes.

+ping [type=ws]




+redeem <key>

Allows you to redeem a Vexera Premium key. Please note it will be activated on every server **you** own.

+stats [type=all]

Shows stats about the bot

+status [user]


+transfer <user>

Transfers a premium subscription to another user.


+accessrole <role>

Sets a role that people have to have to use the bot. Use `+accessrole disable` to disable


Disables commands in a channel.

+farewell <channel> [text]

Sets a message for when a user leaves the server.

+greeting <channel> [text]

Sets a welcome message for the server.

+locale <locale>

Sets a locale. See `+locale list` for a list of locales.

+log <channel>

Sets a log channel for joins and leaves.

+prefix <prefix>

Sets the command prefix.

+userlocale <locale>

Sets the locale for the user. See `+userlocale list` for a list of locales.


+drake <bad> <good>

Makes a drake meme.

+gmagik <image=recent>

+magik but it's with gifs.

+handicapped <image> <text>

Sir! This spot is for the handicapped only!

+illegal <text>

Make something illegal!

+magik <image=recent>

The best command on the planet.

+mistake <image=recent>

For big mistakes.

+needsmorejpeg <image=recent>

Makes an image look worse.

+whodidthis <image=recent>

WHO DID THIS? :joy: :joy: :joy:.


+ban <member> [days] [reason]

Bans a member

+clean [amount=10] [user]

Cleans messages from a channel.

+kick <member> [reason]

Kicks a user.

+mute <member> [reason]

Mutes a user.

+role <action> <member> <role> [reason]

Manage Roles

+softban <member> [reason]

Softbans a user (cleans all messages from a user)

+vckick <member> [reason]

Kicks a member from a voice channel



Cannot predict now

+ascii <font> <text>

Converts text into ASCII. A list of fonts can be found at


Responds with a chuck norris joke.

+emotify <text>

Turns some text into an emoji

+urban <term>

Searches the urban dictionary.


Responds with yo mamma jokes, they will probably be insulting!


+botlist [page=1]

Shows the carbonitex botlist.

+invited [member]

Shows how many users someone has invited to a server.


Shows info about a server

+userinfo [user]

Shows info about a user.

+wolfram <query>

Makes a wolfram query.



Shows a cute cat!


Shows a cute dog!


Shows a cute doge!

+weeb <input>

Shows some weeb images. See `+weeb types` for a list of types.

+xkcd [comic]

Gets an XKCD Comic


+autorole <action> [type] [role]

Assigns roles. Ensure the role for me is above the role you want me to give, otherwise I wont have permission.

+getrole <role>

Gets a role with the `get` condition from +autorole


+perms <action> [people] [permNode]

Assigns permissions to a role. For a list of permissions, see +perms nodes


+fortnite <platform> <username>

Looks up a user on fortnite.