Administration / Moderation

Vexera supplies you with many moderation and admin commands. Useful for managing high traffic guilds or just to punish people much easier.

Punishing users

You got a large range of commands to punish people. Here, we will show and describe all of them.
To set a logging channel for infractions, check out Logging.


You can warn people by using +warn <user> [reason].
For example, to warn the user luke#0123 for misleading content, you may run +warn luke#0123 Misleading content.


You can mute people permanently or temporarily by using +mute <user> [time] [reason].
For example, to mute the user luke#0123 for one week and 2 days, you would use +mute luke#0123 1w2d Spamming.
If you want your mute to be permanent, just leave out the time argument.
The muted role is created and set after the first mute has been issued. If you are having problems with the role, feel free to delete it in your server settings and mute someone afterwards, so the role is re-created.

Kicking / banning

If a user keeps violating the rules, you may want to kick or ban them. Vexera comes with these commands too. To kick a user from your guild, you use +kick <user> [reason].
To ban someone the way to go is +ban <user> [time] [reason]. So, for example, to ban the user luke#0123 for 10 minutes, you would use +ban luke#0123 10m Annoying staff. To kick luke#0123 you would use +kick luke#0123 No common sense.
If you want your ban to be permanent, just leave out the time argument.


Has someone spammed in a channel? Do you want to remove their messages but not to ban them yet? Then the +softban command is for you! A softban bans a user from your server, deletes their messages in the past seven days and immediately unbans them after.
To softban luke#0123 you may use +softban luke#0123 Spam and the channel will be free from spam.

Cleaning messages without punishing

To clean messages in a channel without punishing a user, like the softban does, you can use +clean. Using it is pretty simple.
To clean messages by a specific user in a channel, you use +clean [amount] [user]. If you want to clear messages by any user just leave out the User argument.

Forcing a user to leave a voice channel

If a user is being very loud or just annoying people in a voice channel, you can use the implemented voice-kick by Vexera.
This will create a temporary voice channel, move the user into it and delete the temporary channel afterwards. This kicks the user out of the voice channel.
Warning: This does not stop the user from re-joining the voice channel. If they keep on annoying people, you can +mute them.