Fun, Memes and Images

Vexera does not only provide an excellent music and administration system, but also funny commands to play around with.

Fun Commands

Those commands are pretty much commands for quick jokes and other stuff.

  1. Ask the magic 8ball
    • To ask your favor, do +8ball <Query> and Vexera will respond.
  2. Convert text into ASCII
    • Want to have some nice custom ASCII text? Just run +ascii <Font> <Text>.
    • A list of fonts can be found here.
  3. Want some jokes? These commands are for you then.
    • Demand a Chuck Norris joke? Run +chucknorris
    • Feel more like a yomamma joke? Run +yomamma
  4. Emotify your text!
    • Want to bring some color into your text? Run +emojify <Text>
  5. Want to look up a word quickly?
    • Then +urban <Query> is for you!

Meme Commands

Want to meme around with your friends? This is for you then.

  1. Create a funny image which tells users what’s better
    • To create one of these, use +drake <Good> <Bad>
    • ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ can be either users (mentions) or links to pictures.
  2. Create high quality images
    • So if you just want to improve the quality of an image you can use +jpeg <Image>
    • To improve it even more, using Vexera’s implemented photoshop software, use +magik <Image> for images or +gmagik <Gif> for GIFs.
  3. Create a handicapped image
    • To transfer your friends into a very smart person, do +handicapped <Image> <Text>
    • Feel free to try that out yourself. The ‘Image’ argument can be a link of an image or User.
  4. Create a whodidthis image.
    • This command is to literally make a ‘whodidthis’ image. Feel free to try it out using +whodidthis <Image>
  5. Someone made a HUGE mistake? This is for them then.
    • Do +mistake <Image> to document this for future researches.
  6. Want to show your friends how huge (or not) your penis is?
    • You can do that now! Use +penis for yourself and +penis <User> for another user.
    • Hint: If you use this command in a nsfw-channel, the symbols will be changed to emotes.

Detecting Images

Vexera can detect the last posted picture to use for a command.

Try it out by uploading an image in Discord in a specific channel and using any meme command, such as +mistake.

Image Commands

Are you a little bored? These commands will help you!

  1. Want some cute images?
    • You can either make Vexera generate a dog, cat or doge image using +dog, +cat or +doge.
  2. Want a weeb image?
    • You have a wide list of weebs to generate, check them using +weeb list and use +weeb <Type> at the end.
  3. Want to read a comic?
    • You can get a XKCD comic using +xkcd <Comic>.