Info & Miscellaneous

There are some commands which are not used very often but are pretty useful anyways.
These are listed here.

Info commands

Commands which display general information about specific stuff.

General info commands

  • To get a more-compressed list of commands, use +help.
  • To check if the bot is online, or if it responds in general, do +ping.
  • In order to get the invite-link once more, do +invite
  • To check the current voice-connections, servers, users and much more, do +stats.
Advanced info commands
  • To check the usage of Vexera's voice nodes, use +nodeinfo.
  • To check if Vexera currently has any offline voice nodes or shards, use +health.


There are premium info commands too:

  • You can get more info about premium by using +premium.
  • To check the currently set premium messages or set your own, do +donators [text]. Your text will be displayed on top if your pledge on Patreon is higher than the ones displayed.
  • To transfer your Patreon subscription or your key to another user, do +transfer <user>.
  • To check yours or another user's premium status, do +status <user>.
  • Have you received a premium key? You can redeem it by using +redeem <key>.

Miscellaneous commands

There are some commands which can be pretty helpful sometimes.

Checking invites

You can check the amount of users a user has invited using invites which are still active.
Invites which have been deleted are not included in this value. To use the command, do +invites <user>.

Server info & user info

To get some useful information about a user, do +userinfo <user>.
To get information about the current server, use +serverinfo


Want a fast answer to a question? Wolfram is for you!
Wolfram can tell you nearly everything you want to know, try out some stuff like +wolfram sqrt(9) or +wolfram capital of canada.

Want to get your own Vexera logo? We have a command for that!
To create it, you would have to run this command: +logo "<title>" "<description>".
For you to understand it easier, here's an example: +logo "Vexera" "is awesome!"


To check the currently leading bots of Discord by the servercount, do +botlist [page].
This will use Carbonitex as the source.