To control what can be used on Vexera, we offer an advanced permissions system so you can decide who can do what on your server.

Permission nodes

A permission node represents a single command or a whole category of commands. Examples:

  • - The 'play' command.
  • music.* - Every command in the 'music' category.
  • * - Every command on the bot. Use with caution.

A permission node can be:

  • Allowed: The command(s) can be used. e.g admin.vckick.
  • Denied: The command(s) cannot be used. A denied permission is handled internally as
  • Neutral: No override has been set.

Where can I find all the permission nodes?

You can either get a list within Discord by using +perms nodes or by visiting the commands page.

How do I use permissions?

Permissions can be controlled by using Vexera's web dashboard, or within Discord by running +perms.