Have Vexera stay in your voice channel and play anything you wish on repeat! It even supports playlists and youtube livestreams.

Save Queues

Dump the whole queue to a URL to load it whenever!


Vexera Premium offers extra features for all members of your discord server.
By getting premium, you are supporting Vexera's development while you get some great perks.

What is a Vexera Premium Key?
If you have either won a giveaway or purchased a key from our store, you would have been given a key, these can be redeemed by typing
+redeem [that key] in your server. Please note, this will enable Vexera Premium in every server you own.

I'm now a patron, how do I get my features?
Once your discord account is linked with your patreon account in patreon settings, vexera premium will then be enabled in every server you own. Please note it may take up to 5 minutes for us to process pledges.


Set the music volume for the whole voice channel with the volume command. Go as quiet as 2% or as loud as 150%!

Premium Voice Region

Your music will be streamed from our servers dedicated for premium users, to assure optimal quality.


Patrons can show off their status with a customised message in the +donators command, for everyone to see!